Seattle Porcelain Company



Seattle Porcelain Company is a Pacific Northwest owned and operated manufacturer of porcelain gifts of appreciation, recognition, inspiration and thanks. We are porcelain artists specialized in creating the perfect compliment to your annual employee recognition program, thank you gifts for new customers or items for your next fund-raiser. We have over 24 years experience producing porcelain products that are elegant, cost effective, and uniquely your own.

There are a number of benefits in working with Seattle Porcelain Company:
Slip-cast pieces are much different than your typical stamped ornament. Our production techniques create a three-dimensional hallow shell that is extremely thin and light-weight, allowing you to fully enjoy the translucent qualities of really high quality porcelain. We also take the time to hand polish each piece to give them a silky-smooth surface to the touch.
  • Unique: We have the ability to sculpt a piece based on your own design, be it a logo, photo or rough idea sketched on a napkin. Even if you choose to go with a stock design, at the very least we'll engrave your company name or a brief message on the piece to let people know the piece is yours and that you really care.
  • Striking: Our pieces are really beautiful, even if we say so ourselves! We hire really talented sculptors and use only the highest quality materials and processes to ensure that every piece leaves a lasting impression.
  • ​Branded: You are more than welcome to put your company name and/or logo on the piece, reminding the recipients who gave them such a special gift. Option to include personalized card inside each box.
  • ​American Made: At Seattle Porcelain Company we are committed to keeping skilled labor here in America. Our factory is in the little town of Shelton, Washington, a short ride away from Seattle, and we do our best to use domestic made supplies and raw materials. We even extract some of our clay from our property to make some of our products.
  • Cost Effective: Based on your desired level of customization and finish.
Please email us at seattleporcelaincompany@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries.