Placing an Order

 ​If you are a business/organization and would like to order please contact us at and an order confirmation form will be sent to you with a wholesale price quote or to request a sample for your organization.
Please include the following details when writing:
(1) anticipated quantity for each ornament design(s),
(2) business name & address,
(3) representative name, title and phone, email
(4) And desired receiving date. 
(5)You may also request a sample ornament free. You just have to pay a small shipping fee(refunded when you place an order).
If you are an individual and would like to order just one or two ornaments, please request your item by emailing us at with your name and your address and the item you want. Shipping is additional. 

*Orders of 250 or greater must be placed by Aug. 31st in order to be received by Nov. 1st. We will do our best to fill all order request. 


Customize Your Order

The advantages of working with Seattle Porcelain Company is our ability to customize your order. You can choose from a  stock design in our catalog or we can custom sculpt a piece for you, anything from a logo to an inspired sketch on a napkin. Regardless of whether you opt for an existing or custom design, you can also choose to have your name or short message engraved in the back of the piece, making the product uniquely your own.

After choosing a design, we give you options for the level of finish on the surface of the piece from basic bisque to spot glazing with or without luster.  We want this to be your piece...we'll make it look beautiful, but you get to call the shots!

Custom lettering and year on the back of the ornaments creates a collectible design that recipients enjoy receiving every year. This is a great option for orders of 500+ pieces. 

Please write to us at and let us put something together for you.